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Michigan Disability Determination Services (DDS) Office Locations Michigan

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My disability was taken from me and for 6 months or so Mr Williams at social security in Traverse City has been working on my case to see if I was going to be reinstated well a few days ago he told me that they were finished and recommended that I be reinstated. I have now lost my apartment and everything I owned just like I told him I would if I didn't have my disability back by the 3rd, this is so wrong. I don't drink alcohol and I am not a drug user all I wanted was to go on living my life but now because he didn't listen to me I have lost everything. This is so rediculous, I see drunks and drug addicts blow every penny they get from disability every month and they never go through what I've been through in the last 6 months. Now that I have lost everything what am I supposed to do? I am totally lost, I can hardly walk and feel like I have been wronged in so many ways and all because I tried to work again. Well you can rest assure that if I am ever iven the opportunity to try to work again that I will not even try not that I could do it anyways because all this has done is messed my mind up more than it all ready was. I am 53 yrs old and crying my eyes out as I write this. Thanks for assisting me in being homeless and in loosing everything I owned. I am so ready to just give up.
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